Jake (Mr. Mischief)
Jake (Mr. Mischief) Magician-Juggler-Twister-Performer-Renaissance Man
Jake has been performing professionally for over 15 years. M&M began while Jake earned his Masters in Environmental Economics; he uses his degree as a freelance consultant but his endless passion for entertaining makes Mischief his full time gig. He is always coming up with new ideas, performances, magic, designs, and techniques. He brings high energy to his performances and his team truly loves to connect with the public.
Fun Fact: Jake studied spiders and fungus with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama.
Renee (Mrs. Mischief)
Renee (Mrs. Mischief) Performer-Painter-Twister-Henna-Caricaturist-Hulahoop-Fire eater-Magician
Renee has been performing circus acts for most of her life. She began riding elephants and eating fire with her uncle Jim in "The Big Circus Sideshow". Classically trained in theater and music, and a raw talent for art! Renee uses her skills with theater to help develop Mischief & Magics performances and designs. When you combine those skills with her vibrant personality you get one amazing Mischief Maker!
Fun Fact: Renee has 3 dogs, 2 cats, 100+ fish, and 5 kids!
Panda Henna-Twister-Painter
Alexis 'Panda' is a talented young artist. She completed special fx- and stage makeup training at UWGB and works with world class haunted house makeup. She is truly one of the most talented henna artists and face painters around!
Fun Fact: Panda loves baking and is earning baking certificates from NWTC. She hopes to own her own bakery one day.
Tommy Painter-Henna-Twister-Magician-Juggler-Performer-Renaissance Man
Tommy is a student at UWGB studying Art & Ceramics. When he graduates he aspires to be a master potter and professor of Art. Tommy's balloon career began in 2017 when he started working for Mischief & Magic. He has been making mischief & twisting balloons ever since.
Fun Fact: Tommy is an accomplished potter, painter, published illustrator, and he may know how to play an instrument.
Dillon Magician-Twister-Rivet the Mime
Dillon found us the day he graduated from high school. He told us he wanted to be a professional magician and did his human blockhead trick. He is a self taught magician who specializes in strolling magic and contact juggling. He always encourages other to follow their dreams, and not let the haters get you down!
Fun Fact: If Dillon could be anyone, he would be Deadpool
Amanda Painter - Twister - Henna - Strolling Entertainer
Amanda is our "Jill of all trades". She has been body painting and twisting balloons for over a decade. She continues to grow her skills and knowledge by working with Mischief & Magic. Amanda is a ball of energy, and loves to engage the crowd, and get everyone laughing with her. With over a decade of art experience, mixed with the training and skills Mischief and Magic provides, she is always enjoying herself, while doing a grade A job, and leaving your guests happy. When she's not working with us, she's busy making and selling paintings, teaching painting classes, and making jewelry.
Fun Fact: Amanda will paint anything from a piece of fungus, motorcycle helmet, or an old saw.
Willow Painter & Twister
Willow is a professional lapidary (works with gemstones) and painter. She took her natural painting skills and applied them to face paint and she continues to amaze us!
Casey Painter
A newcomer to the Fox Valley, Casey has been excited about what we do since he first saw us at one of the many beloved music festivals he attends. Casey has worn many hats and is eagerly researching how to pull a rabbit from one.(or just eager to learn new skills)
Fun fact: Casey is a fairly textbook Gemini, though he was supposed to be born a Leo.
Roz Balloon Twister
Roz is a student at UWGB and on the swim team. She saw us making balloons a few years ago at an event and asked how to learn. She has been working as a twister ever since.
Graham Balloon Twister
Graham has been one of our balloon twisters since the beginning. He is a skilled guitarist and sometimes plays at our magic shows. Graham is a student at St. Norbert College.
Ryan Twister - Fire Performer - Juggler/Poi - Circus Arts
Ryan is an entertainer at heart through bar tending, fire and circus arts, dance and more. Working with Mischief & Magic has been an incredible decision for him as a professional entertainer and he cannot wait to see where the team takes him. He is also the leader of Fox Valley Fire Arts, a troupe which provides the highest quality of fire, LED, and circus inspired entertainment.
Annika Henna - Painter
Annika is a student at De Pere High and loves to watercolor paint in her free time. She has taken ceramics, digital design, and band classes at her school and dances for the varsity dance team. Annika is patient and enjoys creating henna designs.
Fun Fact: Annika has dual citizenship between the U.S. and Sweden.
Beth Painter - Twister
Beth has been with Mischief & Magic since the beginning. She took some time off after her daughter was born, but now she's ready make some Mischief again! A wife and mom to a 13 year old step daughter and a 2 year old daughter of her own😊 Beth enjoys spending time with family and friends and she's always ready to try new things!
Fun Fact: She can move her ears without touching them!
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