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Renaissance Man

 Jake has been performing professionally for over 15 years. M&M began while Jake earned his Masters in Environmental Economics; he uses his degree as a freelance consultant but his endless passion for entertaining makes Mischief his full time gig. He is always coming up with new ideas, performances, magic, designs, and techniques. He brings high energy to his performances and his team and truly loves to connect with the public. 


Performer-Painter-Twister-Henna-Caricaturist-Hulahoop-Fire eater

Renee has been performing circus arts for most of her life.  Classically trained in theater and music, and a raw talent for art!  Renee uses her skills with theater to help develop magic performances.  When you combine those skills with her vibrant personality you get one amazing Mischief Maker!



Alexis "Panda" is a talented young artist. She completed  special fx and stage makeup training at UWGB and works with world class haunted house makeup.  She is truly one of the most talented henna artists and face painters around!



Tommy is an art student at UW-Green Bay. Artist, competitive ballroom dancer, and insane yo-yoer, Tommy has some sweet skills! He's pretty darn amazing.


Magician-Twister-Rivet the Mime

Dillon found us the day he graduated from high school. He told us he wanted to be a professional magician and did his human blockhead trick. Years later his performances just keep getting better and better. 


Painter & Twister

Willow is a professional lapidarist (works with gemstones) and painter.  She took her natural painting skills and applied them to face paint and she continues to amaze us!


Painter - Strolling Performer

Mandie joined our crew early on and is one our our original painters! She loves to entertain as Maime the Mime and other colorful characters. Mandie also designs her own line of jewelry, and accessories; Gypsy Marie Designs.


Balloon Twister

Roz is a student at UWGB and on the swim team.  She saw us making balloons a few years ago at an event and asked how to learn.  She has been working as a twister ever since.


Balloon Twister

Graham has been one of our balloon twisters since the beginning.  He is a skilled guitarist & sometimes plays at our magic shows.  Graham is a student at St. Norbert College.